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Spazio Contract offers a totally free and non-binding preliminary consultancy service, suggesting the best solutions for your offices and workspaces.

Spazio Contract is the professional, qualified, reliable partner
when organising new offices or renovating offices and workspaces quickly and efficiently.

Projects and Furnishing Solutions for your Office

We are a pool of Professionals, Architects and Technicians with a consolidated background in the Office Design and Renovation sector.

Spazio Contract is a specialised company with years of experience and specific know-how, able to create functional, practical, contemporary workspaces.

We design work environments with the aim of optimising spaces, improving the psycho-physical wellbeing of workers, and creating pleasant, comfortable productive environments.
Spazio Contract offers its clients an excellent quality turnkey office design service.
assisting them with a tried and tested method at all stages of the procedure, from strategic analysis to design, from executive works to furnishings.

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